I AGREE with Ernest Pullen (Letters, January 31) that it would not be difficult to put some controls in place to obviate further traffic difficulties.

However, there is a flaw in Mr Pullen’s logic, and that flaw centres around the ability of people within the council to get things right.

I am sorry to say so, but I feel that decisions made within the city council’s transport department/committees, are in many cases ill conceived. They seem to install road modifications which have serious design flaws.

Examples are the new junctions at Sholing Road/Spring Road and Deacon Road/Ruby Road/Middle Road intersections.

In both of these, the LH pavement has been extended into the road and this forces exiting traffic turning left to take a wide sweep, in order to clear the pavement, which forces these vehicles out and across into the opposing traffic flow. Not the safest road layout!

Another glaring case of failure to monitor the effect of a new scheme, is the traffic lights installed a long time ago at the Thornhill Park Road/Hinkler Road junction. This, very often, is now an appalling bottleneck.

If one car heading out of town decides to turn right into Hinkler Road (as is often the case) then following cars cannot get past and the result is a long queue; cars are blocked on the green light until it turns red. I have endured years of frustration here at rush hour.

The answer is to ban right turns or provide adequate clearance to pass on the nearside by localised road widening on the LH side.

Southampton residents deserve better service from our council than this. If people are not up to the job, they should step down.

PHIL DAVY, Southampton.