I AM writing with regards to my disappointment in the amount of dog fouling I am witnessing around the New Forest.

There are many responsible dog owners who respect the forest, however they are let down by those who do not clean up after their pets.

Last weekend, for example, in Deer Leap enclosure near Longdown we saw about six examples, all along the pathways. My threeyear- old loves to run around in the fresh air and pick up sticks and jump in puddles, but this menace ruins it for us all.

Then this weekend we spent some time at Bolton’s Bench in Lyndhurst, again, lots of dog mess along the pathways. There are even some in nappy bags, discarded in the bushes.

We sat under the Yew Tree at the top of the hill to take in the views, and yet again, bags of doggy doo, just carelessly thrown in the middle. This is almost worse because the plastic itself is also a hazard.

This is an age-old problem and I can’t see this ever being eliminated. You will always have those dog owners who do not care and have always let their dogs do their business without clearing it away. They won’t change.

It’s disgusting, dangerous and completely inconsiderate to other users of the New Forest.