I SENT the plea below to Blue Star on January 16 due to their abysmal service from Southampton to Romsey.

I know they have a monopoly, but their attitude to passengers is appalling. If buses don’t turn up or are late, is it too much to expect that we should receive some sort of explanation, if not an apology from the driver?

Regular passengers tell me they never get a reply if they write in to Blue Star and suggested I write to you.

Everyone knows that the traffic is bad

Drivers off sick, passengers mad

Running a bus service can’t be a breeze

But here are some tips if you’re eager to please.

Delays are inevitable, this is a fact

Traffic lights fail and roads are jam-packed

All we would ask is a word to explain

Then grumbling passengers might feel less pain

Standing at wet bus stops makes our blood boil

Knowing again we’ll be late for our toil

We’ll work the extra to make up lost hours

But knowing the reason would brighten the showers

So may we suggest that just like British Rail You make some announcements so we don’t wail

If not, then just like our pizza delivery

Perhaps you could help out by making our journey free?