MANY letters and readers’ views on the subject of the new junction tell of how the present set-up is so unsafe and dangerous for cyclists to use, as it is at the moment it is also dangerous for the vehicle user.

I am amazed as to the absence of filter arrow traffic lights and a yellow box junction, two additions that could increase the safety aspect of the juncton.

Traffic from Albert Road North is able to turn left, go straight ahead or turn right, however traffic from the Ocean Village area is also able to turn right, go straight ahead or turn left. Why do both of these sets of lights turn green at the same time? With the absence of filter arrows, nobody knows who has the right of way.

In addition, coming off Itchen Bridge you are also able to turn right, however there is also no filter arrow here and as the traffic from Central Bridge can move off when its lights change, who has right of way here?

About the only thing the planners have got right is to not allow traffic from Central Bridge to turn right.

TREVOR WATERHOUSE, Sholing, Southampton.