WATCHING on television the situation in Ukraine, caused by the fact that the former government wished to have closer links with Russia as opposed to the wishes of a great proportion of their citizens to join the European Union, I would point out here that Ukraine is not even listed as a separate country on older maps, but part of, or a satellite of, greater USSR.

The terrible occurrence we can lay squarely at the door of Brussels bureaucrats for putting the temptation of free movement throughout the whole of western Europe to the many millions of Ukrainians and the right to invade or settle in any country therein, as have the peoples of many other eastern European countries before them.

This is a similar situation to that put to the British people who didn’t want close links with (or to be ruled by) Brussels but to remain as a sovereign nation.

The British public have put up with the continuing invasion of their country for the past 35 years and have been forced to have closer ties with mainland Europe, with so far no real serious outbreaks of violence or physical opposition to it, so it would be wise to study the attitude of these eastern European people when they become upset or don’t get what they want, and ask ourselves whether we want to further integrate with them.

These pro-EU Europhiles have the cheek to brag about the peace the EU has brought to Europe. This violent outbreak may not be within the EU but it’s certainly because of it.

L A O’BEE, Southampton.