READING your paper recently, I was rather curious of the “In My View” by Councillor Dave Shields, pictured, representing Labour.

He looks a very genial gentleman but that is where it ends; all this write-up did was attack the Tories, nothing about what his party will do at local level in the forthcoming elections. Where was Mr Shields in the last 13 years of Labour Government? Does he remember the debt inherited by the present Government?

When Labour regained control of the city, they were going to keep Lord’s Hill swimming baths open, but promptly closed it when elected – I hope people will remember that at the local elections this year!

From what I read and from friends in Southampton, Labour made a concerted effort to regain control, aided greatly by the unions, Labour MPs and many others.

All I would like from any politicians is the truth and what they plan to do – not to totally deride their opposition.

Regardless of Mr Shields’ opinion, Royston Smith and Jeremy Moulton have worked extremely hard for the city, over and above a normal working week.

If their ambition is to represent the city as Conservative MPs, isn’t that exactly what Alan Whitehead and John Denham did?