AFTER the miserable winter this area has experienced over the last few months, the recent spell of nice weather has been welcomed by many, eager to get out and enjoy the fresh air and warm sunshine in our open spaces.

A few drinks, maybe a barbecue or a picnic, in the company of family or friends, seemed to be very popular.

Why is it then, that a lot of these people go to a nice area to enjoy what it has to offer, and then walk away leaving their trash behind? What goes on in their brains that says that is OK to do?

I despair that humanity behaves in this way. I own and walk two dogs and I am required to pick up after them when they have been to the toilet. I know it is the right thing to do, I don’t need a law to make it happen.

The same reasoning however, doesn’t seem to apply to people eating and drinking outdoors.

There are laws to prevent littering, but there is never anyone around to implement them, not that they should need to, if only people had a little more consideration.

Just the simple act of putting rubbish in a bin, would save thousands of pounds on our taxes through avoiding clear-up costs, and keep our open spaces and environment clean for everyone to enjoy.

RICHARD A JACOB, Southampton.