EDUCATION is a fine thing and I would be the last person to object to a person wishing to further their educational standing in life.

Coming back to the letter (March 5) by Rod Andrews, who fails to state whether or not he is a Southampton resident (or a student), it is so easy to harp on the beneficial side of Southampton University and education in general.

No one is likely to decry anyone seeking to forge ahead in life, after all, but few will argue the fact that students (and student accommodation) are slowly spreading throughout the city and much of the troubles in the city centre after dark can be attributed to these people.

No one will argue also that this latest student building [adjacent to the Mayflower Theatre] is an ugly monstrosity and if I’m not mistaken there is another such building in Swaythling.

If you’re going to build these places, at least build attractive places that will enhance Southampton as a city to be proud of.

Education does not always come from universities. There are various types of education, some may call it being worldly-wise or learning things that schools may not teach you.

As Rod Andrews hints: “Ignorance gets you nowhere”. But observation is a gift in itself.

Educate yourself by all means but please don’t make a nuisance of yourself in the process.

L A. O’BEE, Southampton.