AS I grow older, I am becoming more and more worried and sceptical about the future of this great nation of ours.

As I listen to Alex Salmond, Nigel Farage and the many right-wing MPs, I ‘shake in my shoes’!

These irresponsible people will destroy all that is good in our country: Salmond would take Scotland out of the union; Farage would withdraw us from the EU with the help of right-wing Conservatives; in addition Plaid Cymru would then consider their future within our country; the Irish Republic would see a golden opportunity to wrench Ulster from what remained of the union.

The consequences of such actions would be threefold.

First, it would be just England against the world, with no industrial base due to the ravages of Thatcherite policies.

Second, our economy would be dominated by the bankers, who have scant regard for the welfare of the people.

Third, we would have to compete with the emergence of China, India and Brazil, together with Europe, without any British influence. How would we “keep body and soul together?” Even our iconic Union Flag would be lost forever!

We all need the security of our national boundaries of the United Kingdom, but within the democratic framework of Europe, if we are to have any influence in world affairs.

We should be building bridges, not destroying them. After four decades of EU membership, we are no less British and the French and Germans still have their national identities intact.

The alternative is a nation totally divided and isolated, controlled by irresponsible bankers (should they decide to remain) and rightwing politicians who would not give a damn about our social wellbeing.

“United we stand, divided we fall” against these uncaring elements: England would become a country for the wealthy, with little or no concern for the less fortunate.

If we as a nation get this wrong, “be afraid, be very afraid!”

DWS, Ocean Village, Southampton.