I’M doing it, I’m taking an issue with cyclists.

I am a cyclist myself. For commuting, leisure and fitness purposes I never avoid an opportunity and I will defend cyclists when they get classed as a menace by other road users who have one or two bad experiences.

I walk down West Park Road to Central Station every morning, Monday to Friday, and back up each evening from the train station. This road has now been reclassed as a one-way road going towards Watts Park.

Cyclists, stop cycling down this road/on the pavement towards the station. It’s a one-way road which you are not permitted to travel down, and don’t get me started on the pavement. That pavement is not a cycle lane. Just cycle down past the Mayflower Theatre instead. It doesn’t take much longer. If you feel it does, leave your house 25 seconds earlier.

Road users have enough ammo with the pavement-hopping, red light-running, non-signalling, helmetless small minority of cyclists.

I get it, our route has changed.

Adapt to survive.

Now I’m off for a cycle through the New Forest. I’ll be the one you can all see clearly who is riding sensibly, wearing a helmet, hi-vis, lights for when it gets dark later and a well maintained red Orbea road bike.