I AM writing with reference to potholes and the inefficient way they are dealt with by the council. Several weeks ago a large pothole was filled in along our road by the council. We were baffled at the time as to why they had not, on the same visit, filled in the other five potholes, all within a couple of metres of each other.

Last week the lorry returned again with two men and filled in two more of the remaining five potholes.

I was utterly dumbfounded that they had now made two journeys in a large lorry and had still left three very obvious potholes, which remain dangerous and are of varying lengths and depths. What an absolute waste of money! Is it going to take three more separate visits to get a small section of road correct? Think of the cost of manpower and fuel to get the lorry back each time, not to mention the possibility of financial claims from drivers or cyclists for damages. Surely this cannot be a sensible way of resolving these issues.

Obviously the council have more money than sense if they can afford to waste resources in this way. It is an utter disgrace.

MRS POTTLE, Upper Shirley, Southampton.