A TOPIC that has raised many people’s interest over the years is the development of Dibden Bay as an extension of the already thriving container port.

Now I appreciate all the arguments against this proposal, but as a Marchwood resident I would like to hold my head above the parapet and say I am for the development!

All I hear is people saying it will ruin the area. Really? An area already having massive industrial development, power station, waste plant etc, isn’t exactly an area of outstanding natural beauty!

The one thing that people always moan about is traffic: “A development like this will make traffic unbearable.”

Actually, part of the proposal is massive upgrades to the road and rail infrastructure for the area. As I see it, this development is the only way traffic will be addressed on this side of the water.

We need this development to improve the Waterside, not just for the economics of the south but also for the people who live here!