COLIN Hingston (Letters, March 24) falls into the common trap of repeating an entirely false and misleading statistic, suggesting that the UK contributes some £55m per day to the EU.

If there were any truth in that we would have gone bankrupt years ago.

The fictitious figure is arrived at by creative accounting that takes no account of any benefits that we get back, including funding for environmental improvements, economic regeneration, employment opportunities and access to the biggest single market comprising millions of customers on our doorstep.

As I mentioned in my earlier letter, there will be a lot of people who live in the New Forest area who will be very grateful that the EU invested in habitat restoration work, not just to improve biodiversity in the environmentally sensitive parts, but to reduce the risk of flooding in our towns and villages.

It simply would not have been a priority for our own government.

COUNCILLOR DAVID HARRISON, New Forest Liberal Democrats, Totton.