THE Heritage Lottery Fund has granted £1m-plus to the Maritime Archaeology Trust (Daily Echo, March 29) to search the Solent for First World War ships.

Does this mean that divers will be sent down to flounder around in the murky depths searching for rusty hulks that have probably all but disappeared long ago or what?

Almost all ships that were sunk during this period would have had records kept as to location, name, tonnage, cargo, etc, and if a hazard to navigation existed this would then be entered on the appropriate charts.

I would have thought that the National Maritime Museum’s search guides C1 and C9 and Lloyds Register of shipping both covering the period would be a good starting point.

While being mindful of the past and all those that lost their lives, there are enough records, monuments, etc, to them without further investigation.

Perhaps the Heritage Lottery Fund could support the restoration of the Calshot built in 1929.

Not a First World War vessel, granted, but certainly worth preserving, having played a worthwhile and necessary part in the Second World War, or should it be towed up the Solent and sank before it becomes interesting enough for another lottery-funded jolly?

PETER GREEN, Southampton.