SO Keith Adamson (Letters, April 16) has at last managed to rattle Cllr Keith House’s cage, and he has finally come out to reveal to those Eastleigh ratepayers who didn’t already know, that the Ageas Bowl venture is not just a hotel and county cricket ground, but is also a new golf course.

His unbridled adulation is surprising, as offduty Mr House doesn’t play golf, and his description of the new course could be said of the existing golf course at Botley Park, which has, indeed, two lakes and three fountains.

How fortunate then for Eastleigh Council that the Botley Park owners wanted to close the golf course (stated in an e-mail from Cllr K House to me this year), and in 2011, Eastleigh councillors chose land NNE of Boorley Green (more recently referred to as Botley Park GC) over Allington Lane for a development of 1,400 houses. More luck followed, and at a local HEWEB council meeting, of which Cllr Keith House is a committee member, premature planning permission was granted for this development ahead of the proposed Local Plan going to the Government inspector for independent scrutiny.

Cllr House needs to write in again in three years’ time to prove that this project has created 500 jobs and is making a profit.