I AM dismayed to read an article in Southampton News Extra about councillor Rowenna Davis.

I have written to the Daily Echo letters page previously about the fact that she is a Londoner who represents Peckham as a councillor.

Rowenna is not therefore local, having been parachuted in from London and people in Southampton should not be left with the impression that she is in a position to represent our interests.

To now see her being referred to as a councillor here in our fair city is misleading and somewhat disingenuous. I was born here, have lived here all my life and am proud to have represented the people of Harefield for the last six years.

My colleague and good friend Royston Smith is a local chap and was born here too, on Cheriton Avenue no less.

He has represented Harefield residents for 14 years and I would challenge anyone to find a harder working councillor in Southampton.

COUNCILLOR EDWARD DAUNT, Harefield, Southampton.