MAY I reply to Richard Grant of Burley (Letters, May 3), in which he made comment to my letter of April 29.

In his haste to write yet another missive, he failed to actually read the content of my letter! I did not mention anywhere in my letter that the Echo awarded favouritism to certain regular contributors, indeed, I praised the newspaper for its unbiased reporting!

What I did say was that certain contributors, whatever their political persuasion, were becoming rather tiresome by continually repeating their point of view, with minor variations, without anything of interest to add.

Having a good, sensible, political debate is one thing, boring people to sleep is a different matter altogether and that is why, in my final paragraph, I suggested they get together in some far off place to argue away to their hearts’ content and leave the letters section for something more interesting for its readers.

As an alternative, perhaps the newspaper could have a pull-out supplement say, on a weekly basis, in which to put and collect all letters of a political nature.

Being a regular contributor to the letters section is one thing, having something fresh, interesting and local to say is another matter and the Echo do that very well, without favouritism.

Sincerely, MICHAEL CLEMENTS, Totton.