IT is obviously, good news that the number of people out of work, has continued to fall under the present coalition Government.

I wonder if the situation would have been so encouraging if we were no longer members of the European Union. That is, many overseas firms operate here and provide those jobs and investment.

Then of course Labour, complain that wages are not high enough for their members and supporters. Surely a job and a salary, is by far better than no job at all? Plus the minimum wage is going up once again, through the action of the Liberal Democrats, and as to when income tax is to be paid. Whereas Labour just want more money to pay for more holidays, new cars, mortgages and so on.

The genuinely hard up, those who do not have enough to live on, most definitely need support, and it is a very good reason to ensure that the Liberal Democrats remain in Government, rather than a Conservative majority. As for Labour and the trade unions, they will bring our country to a grinding halt through more strike actions. Attack shareholders who invest their savings into companies, who in turn, provide employment.

A lot of their members are paid for by the taxpayer. Plus of course, most of them will also be taxpayers. Therefore they are no better off, having to fork out for each others’ increases.

There will never be enough money, if you are not careful with your earnings. Holidays, cars, luxury goods are bonuses, not essentials. And stop having too many children. It is not fair upon them to live in poverty.

How much money is spent on booze, drugs, cigarettes, over eating? Divorces, re-marriages and so on? We are our worst enemies.

I do fully accept some people are overpaid, and they, should be taxed more via their income, with a higher rates levels being introduced. But I am not in favour of hitting people, once they have earned (after tax), and paid for their assets, and managed to save instead of spend. That is unjust.

And a huge disincentive.

That is why we need a genuine centre ground political party, which is neither right, or left wing. And you won’t get that with the Conservatives or Labour. As for UKIP, they just want to destroy Great Britain!

I say make Britain a success, embrace the European Union and be part of the global experience.

Richard Grant of Burley