ONE of our key objections was that Broadlands Tesco would have jeopardized existing retailers in Romsey town centre.

The store would have drawn shoppers away, thereby putting existing jobs at risk. This in turn would have impacted those local businesses who supply or service these shops.

The effect on the local economy would have been disastrous.

We only have to look at Government and independent retail reports which prove this point when a new large ‘edge or out of town’ store opens.

Last week’s very pleasant shock means Romsey’s traders can plan for a more settled and hopefully prosperous future.

As you reported in Friday’s leading story, the President of Romsey Chamber of Commerce, Peter Speirs was right to say, “This is good news for the small traders”.

We would like to thank the scores of passionate Romsonians who displayed on their windows, ‘Say No To Tesco” posters.

We are also very grateful to nearly 50 per cent of the town’s population who either signed our petition or formally objected to the application.

And thanks to the many others who told us they had contacted Broadlands direct to voice their opposition.

These figures far exceeded our expectations and both Broadlands and Tesco certainly underestimated the strength of opposition to their plan.

Romsey is right to celebrate and be proud of its achievement. It is after all, the jewel in Test Valley’s crown!

COLIN BURGESS, Chairman “Say No To Broadlands Tesco”.