WATCHING a TV programme of mods and rockers set in the fabulous 60s, I wonder if that decade was the start of the deterioration of our younger generation.

My generation was the last to have national service, as was pointed out, and was the end of discipline, albeit inflicted on a generation of 18- year-olds.

Since then such discipline has only been the prerogative of parents.

This, of course, was superseded by the free thinking generation, who did not believe in using the rod to spoil the child.

Discipline in schools should to a degree be the prerogative of teachers, who have their hands tied securely.

It is a credit to a lot of young people who put their heads down and work hard that we see such a wealth of achievement. It is a pity that all of the young do not attempt to achieve anything.

Individual cases, as headlined by your excellent paper, gives us a hope for the future.

What is hard to understand is the grip of modern technology, zombies walking the streets with phone permanently stuck in their ears, and even when dining punching away with their fingers as if there were no tomorrow.

The Prime Minister has got it right, for once, discipline should come from home, and the greatest thing is a united family unit.

You know even the animals have such instincts. Every wild creature cuffs its young, they must know something.

ALAN BLANDFORD, Southampton.