COUNCILLORS D Thomas and K Morrell put themselves forward to be elected as representatives of the Labour Party and its policies, on the basis of which they were duly elected.

When they found themselves at odds with that policy and unable to persuade the rest of the council to follow their private agenda “No Government Cuts” they should have resigned and stood as independents in a by-election.

Instead, they clung on to their seats they had won under the Labour auspices and pursued their own agenda. They sailed under false colours.

Councillor Thomas (Letters, August 20) takes exception to my use of the word “surreptitious” to explain their behaviour. It apparently offends their sensitive nature. A sensitivity that appeared entirely lacking when they reneged on the policies and party under which they were elected.

On election day, indeed there were quite a number of the electorate still under the illusion that Messrs Morrell and Thomas represented Labour.

“No Government Cuts” are brave words but completely empty of content under this Conservative government.

What Messrs Morrell and Thomas have never explained is where they would find the money to keep all the council services and employees if their policies were implemented. Perhaps they would oblige and tell us.

Is it also their policy for a compulsory photo-shoot of them following any happening in Coxford irrespective of the amount of their involvement?

However, in deference to their sensitive natures, I will future consider their political stance as ambiguous instead of surreptitious; a rose by any other name smells the same.

D R SMITH, Southampton.