On the BBC programme Question Time there was a lot of discussion on grammar schools.

Too much time is spent on the subject.

Most of us grew up when grammar schools were the norm. It wasn’t a problem then and it shouldn’t be a problem now.

We lived with the fact that the kid next door went to grammar, he had a uniform.

Was his schooling any better than what the other kids received?

The teachers at my elementary school (I think it is what we called them) were first class, even then they did not branch into languages, which sometimes is of little use unless you need them for work. I believe some politicians have reneged against the party line and sent their kids to grammar schools.

One feature that I have found in a varied colourful life that it didn’t matter who taught you, if you have got it, you can rise to the top.

The days when you needed extra qualifications to obtain a rank, such as the armed services, have gone - thank goodness.

The are many instances of self-made millionaires who came from humble beginnings.

So, if we could live with grammar schools, whatever is the fuss - there are far more important things for the government to argue about.

Alan Blandford