Southampton Green Party would like to thank the many who joined our ‘Walk for our Waterfront’ event.

We met at the Bargate, and flowed down the High Street singing musically accompanied river-themed songs and carrying a miniature representation of our River Itchen complete with rushes and other watery extras.

We gathered again in the people’s Mayflower Park, where we discussed the city’s access to the waterfront, past, present and future.

Walkers also shared their hopes and fears for our waterfront.

Concerns included the commercialisation of our river spaces, especially the relentless chain-shop/luxury flat rollout.

Other city-wide concerns like littering and air pollution were also mentioned.

We brainstormed ways to help Sotonians enjoy our treasured waterfront even more.

Suggestions included increasing access, improving tourist information (e.g. boards and maps guiding people around the city’s best spots), increased community activities at the waterside, and the encouragement of more biodiversity at riverside and waterside spots.

We look forward to continuing to work with the people of Southampton on the issue of regeneration and public access to our water and riverfronts across the city.

Southampton Green Party