I REFER to Mr Blandford’s letter (April 8) where he asks for money to be spent on roads to fill the potholes.

I agree with him, it would certainly be helpful to spend more on roads. This could, in particular, make it safer for cyclists, who find themselves having to weave around the potholes.

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The potholes themselves are often caused by heavy vehicles travelling at speed, together with rain and frosts. Maybe there is a case for increasing road tax on heavy vehicles so that more money is available to fix the problems they cause?

But what Mr Blandford’s letter really highlights is the effects of the government’s unnecessary austerity measures. This has deliberately starved local councils of the funds to properly maintain our roads.

We can wish that one day the Tories give up on their austerity programme, but I can’t see that happening whilst they are in power.

Ron Meldrum

Green Party