I AM not, and never have been a fan of Jeremy Corbyn, but I have to congratulate him on running a first class campaign in this recent election.

He cleverly de-personalised the contest between Labour and Conservative, it should never have been a contest between Corbyn and May, which is what May did, to her loss. I see her two close advisers have now left.

Corbyn kept it simple and about the Labour manifesto, and the many goodies offered to the electorate.

However, even with the worst-run Conservative campaign since 1974, Labour are still behind by 56 seats.

What this election has shown is that more young voters were out in force and voting, no doubt enticed by free education fees.

All parties should now concentrate on ensuring we get a Brexit deal that is good for all of us, proving Corbyn keeps to his promises regarding the single market.

John Robertson

West Wellow