NOT being an admirer of the MP Alan Whitehead I applaud him for following Jeremy Corbyn's advise to abstain on the Queen's Speech amendment to keep us in the single market.

Southampton's trade position with Europe would still continue after Brexit (which will happen).

The EU are not stupid enough to commit financial suicide and block us trading within. They need us more than we need them.

The whole world is at our fingertips waiting to trade when the shackles of the EU are cast off.

Already our fisherman will get back our waters from the greedy European counterparts.

What the Labour Party has done is recognise that the Conservatives are going about the business of leaving this EU snake pit and getting back our borders, laws and free trade with whoever we want to do trade with and ordered his MP's to allow this.

I was born and bred in Southampton and keep in touch with plenty of friends and family who, like many others, want this Brexit done and dusted.

On a leaving point, just a question for Thomas Gravatt - Liberal Democratic candidate " your party had 12 MPs elected so why did Theresa May opt for the DUP who only had 10?"

The answer is a no brainier, just to help.

Pat Sketcher

Isle of Wight