FURTHER to reports, comments and letters regarding fortnightly refuse collection.

Southampton City Council has issued good-practice advice to residents on waste management.

Unfortunately, this advice does not tick all the boxes!

It does not stop passers-by putting all types of fast food – or indeed any other type of rubbish into the handiest household, recycle or green waste bin (that is if they haven’t thrown it on the ground first).

In addition it doesn’t stop other residents – those whose bins are already full – putting their waste in any handy household, recycle or green waste bin (or indeed leaving it by these other bins).

Residents who manage their waste responsibly are the victims of unsavoury odours, rodent activity and maggots through no fault of their own.

In a letter in Monday’s Echo Heather Woods stated; “Well congratulations, council, you sure know how to pull in the votes.” Unfortunately, Heather, many decisions are made by un-elected officers with designated powers. Whomever you vote for doesn’t have much clout when it comes to ‘decision making’.

Dave Griffiths