ONE has to commend Fawley Waterside Ltd, developers of the £800m Fawley power station project for their public exhibitions and publications in Waterside this week.

As ever, such information produces more questions than answers. We hope our elected representatives at all levels of government, together with their in-house professional teams, have the necessary skills , knowledge and experience to fully understand the implications of such a massive project (or know where to find it); to advise and guide the developer to produce the appropriate conclusion that meets the needs of all interested parties and, more particularly, of local residents.

It should be noted that the margins of the proposed development have become, in the past few years, a very quiet and tranquil area of marshland and seascape that have ideally suited both wildlife and mankind to their mutual benefit. Fawley Waterside Ltd will have their work cut-out to avoid damaging this wonderful site.

Over the coming few years many planning, environmental and technical balls will be thrown into the air. Has anyone noticed how narrow the roads are in the lower reaches of the A326 and how do you move many thousands of tons of material, both in and out of the site without disturbance to the schools, houses and shops which line the route?

Perhaps Southampton Water and barges will reduce the road demand.

So representatives, keep your eyes on these balls, be wary of short term and fast fixes and deliver to the population of Waterside a solution which we, and our children, will have to live with for a very long time.

Michael Collo

Dibden Purlieu