I AM finding myself regularly equating to Victor Meldrew, a grumpy old man from an equally old TV sitcom.

The current administration supposedly running the city of Southampton astounds me.

£150,000 is to be spent to market the city to the world, in an attempt to coax more visitors. Next I read that Cllr Satvir Kaur is promoting a dodgeball match between councillors, unfortunately delayed until next year owing to the weather. At least they will have time to train for dodging the issues we currently have in the city!

We have a city plagued by potholes, vermin, fly-tipping, litter, grime and graffiti, that looks positively third world in parts. Cuts in essential services continue, yet more student accommodation, shops and eating establishments are to be built – as if we haven’t enough already.

The air we breathe is deemed to be toxic with pollutants from cars, lorries and ships, but nothing is happening soon. ‘It’s being monitored’, we are told.

Our taxes continue to increase, but with a decline in what we get for them. Best value? I don’t think so!

And so it goes on.

I have lived in Southampton all my life and it seriously pains me to see the erosion over the years, from what was to now what is. I used to be proud of my home town as it was so special to me. Sadly, that vision has been marred by continued neglect.

We must be partly to blame however, because we, the general electorate, put them in their exalted governing positions and voted them in!

Richard A Jacob