DESPITE the protests of animal welfare societies and environmental protection agencies, Christian charities are still making gifts of farmed animals to the impoverished communities around the world.

Goats, donkeys, cows and even alpacas are given. If people don't have enough food and water for themselves how can they look after animals? Destitute people with animals only increases their poverty. Goats eat everything and they have been responsible for massive deserts when they escape.

Oxfam's catalogue says "Donkeys make kick-ass gifts! A donkey can carry large loads over long distances. Plus there's the bonus of free fertiliser''.

Everyone must have seen media footage showing how donkeys suffer at the hands of destitute people.

Giving cows is just plain stupid because 90 per cent of black people cannot digest dairy products. Milk is warm and unpasturised, the ideal breeding ground for diseases like TB. Cows also carry serious illnesses, which can be passed to humans.