SARAH Jones’s article “A Family of Influence”

(Daily Echo, February 11) was one of the best items one could wish to read, and the photos brought it to life. Some of the Barker-Mill proposals mentioned are enough to bring to life what we can expect our fair village of Nursling to be suffering in the future if our local government do not realise the true feelings of we ratepayers, using the old adage.

When one thinks of it poor old Nursling at one time was a compact village on the edge of Southampton where people’s ambition was to retire to, but still having services in striking distance. This is how it was when I came here in 1961 to open a small hardware shop. Then motorways became a necesary means of transport hence one cutting through the middle.

Of course this made a huge change to the village, but it still survived as an independant village, and not a part of a huge town.

But this will all change if the Barker-Mill intentions to build 350 houses on Redbridge Lane is allowed. This lane is the only barrier to prevent this happening.

To double the population along with the required infastructure changes required is unthinkable. Looking at the other proposals they pale into insignificance in comparison to this section for us here.

As I recall, 100 per cent of our councillors were against this proposal, but the final decision with the application was given by one person, the inspector who we saw at one of the meetings.

Totally wrong this in the first place.

I see in Sarah’s article that in June this year the application will go before the planners.

Just let us hope they see sense and reject it.