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    So if you tell the truth you get called a liar or even worse a Tory? It was more than obvious to anyone that the Unions used the council workers to put Labour into power & now couldn't give a **** for those workers. A true Tory council would have just made the cuts even if it meant the size of redundancies Labour are contemplating. Please don't say they're not. The Tory council tried to come to a deal where jobs could be saved & cuts made but to no avail. How soon will it be before even more council workers/voters realise they've been conned into voting Labour?
    Can't think of anything worse than being called a Tory!
    An F*****g Tory?
    No I think the worse thing I could get called is a blinkered socialist who can't see the truth when it's staring them in the face.
    tories & Liberals took a 5.5% pay cut Labour invent to posts to pay two Labour councillors £28,000 a year exactly how is that cutting the deficit?
    I know Williams said they would create jobs but surely that was for the workers who's jobs are going not for two of his party?
    All you idiots who come on here & slag down the Conservative party & Royston even coming out with f++king Tories will be eating your words when the council goes back to being blue & your two Labour MP's are replaced by two Tories.
    I won't repeat anything I've heard or been told as some idiot will say prove it! but Labour in power 2 years maximum
    The creation of two council posts would be a small price to pay if even half of those that Royston Smith and his merry band of Tories put on benefit are put back in work and paying taxes.

    Royston&Co were given the HeaveHo because they acted as dictators in a democracy.

    Other Tory councils throughout the country had to work under the same constraints that Southampton City Council faced. The others negotiated with Unions, where Royston Smith chose confrontation, and the result was there to see, littering the city's streets.

    The sad thing is, he could not see the error of his ways, and if he came to power again, the city would, once again, face the same problems.
    A small price to pay? 1,500 jobs lost in the second year/
    fortnightly collections?
    huge council tax rises in second year?
    sorry but then seeing rewards of creating high paid jobs for two of your party doesn't cut it with me & if it had been the Tories I wonder if you would have been happy with it?
    Linesman stop being a hypocrite
    this was wrong & you know it
    The jobs have been created in an effort to create, and attract more jobs to the area. Jobs that Cameron claimed were there already to be taken up by those culled in the public sector.

    Strange how many in the private sector have evaporated in the past twelve months.

    If the two jobs had been created by Royston Smith, while he was busy making drastic cuts in the council workforce, you bet I would not have been happy.

    Of course, Smith was under pressure from central government to make cuts. He could not raise council tax, otherwise the grant from central government would be reduced by the same amount. Of course, other councils were under the same restriction, but they dealt with it by Negotiation. Not so Dictator Smith. That is why the city experienced so much trouble, and why his party took such a hammering.

    Of course, you would not admit it.

    For you it has to be the nasty Unions that were at fault.

    For you the sun rises in Cameron's rear end, and sets in Royston Smith. Trouble is, it is not suntan that the citizens found themselves the recipients of, but the colour was the same and the smell was not associated with aromatherapy.
    Actually I learnt from die hard socialists/shop stewards that you look after number one first & then society.
    Anyone threatening to hike up my tax won't get my vote.
    Anyone who's promised a vote on the treaty of Europe & lies & we don't get it doesn't get my vote!
    A party who talk about further integration with Europe but then promises a referendum on staying in or getting out because it's seen a rise in UKIP's vote doesn't get my vote.
    If the Conservatives said we were joining the Euro they would not get my vote.
    I was more a William Hague supporter than Cameron.
    who to vote for? last election Gordan lying Brown or David Cameron it's a no brainer as far as I'm concerned.
    next time Cameron or Ed Milliband? Milliband who's own party didn't want him they wanted his brother or Cameron who even if it made him unpopular he told it as it is? No brainer it's Cameron.
    Linesman what Unite Vince Cable & GM did in Ellesmere Port has to be congratulated & Unite acted extremely well it's a pity they can't adopt that approach around the country"
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Betrayed by Labour

First published in Readers' Letters

AS A council employee in Southampton, I feel that I have been ripped off by the Labour councillors.

For months they were talking to council staff like myself via union reps and encouraging us that we should vote Labour in the elections or we would all be losing our jobs or working on less pay.

On polling day, we were encouraged to go to the polling station and even during times that we were at work on council business. Now I find that my vote for Labour will now see my council tax rise, more councillors taking bigger wages by expanding the council cabinet. I wish I could reverse my vote.

Royston Smith was unpopular among many of us but most of this was stirred up by our union reps which was then portrayed negatively in the media and gave the public a false image of him.

I shall never vote Labour again!


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