HAVING read Liz Fielding’s excellent comments (Echo, May 10) in reply to my letter of May 1, I agree with her entirely.

For six decades or so I have believed that love, life, light and truth are the very substance of God, which is quite beyond human intellectual comprehension.

To my statement: “If ever a ship was built to founder, it was the Titanic”, Liz Fielding puts the question “The wrath of a vengeful God then?”

Indeed, no! I could never believe in a vengeful God.

I should have prefixed my statement with the words “in my opinion” for the following reasons:- When Titanic reached Southampton from the builders in Belfast, many local people had dreams and psychic responses with regard to her foundering.

Liz Fielding is correct in saying that it was human error. In the fo’castle of Titanic the cofferdams were not built up to the fo’castle deck. As she settled down forward the water simply poured over them, eventually sinking her.

The mysteries of life are multitudinous, which God alone knows, and also the reasons for them. The Titanic disaster was an appointment of historical fact, and the dreams and psychic responses, were, to my mind, part of it. In declaring Titanic unsinkable, its loss was, in my view, a leveller of human kind’s inflated opinion of his own creativity. All creativity comes from God through the minds of humanity. Without God, creation would never exist.

H E THOMPSON, Southampton.