‘RAMPAGE on the Red Jet’ (Daily Echo, May 17, 2012) took me back to Cowes Week in the mid-1990s.

Red Funnel’s high-speed catamaran Red Jet 2 turns to approach the West Cowes terminal jetty. Standing on the stern in full view of the public are two men, one is a ship’s officer, the other a passenger urinating in a bucket.

Yes it did happen! I know, I was the officer chaperoning that unfortunate passenger.

What happened recently on the Red Jet, when a passenger went berserk, threatened the crew and urinated over the refreshment counter, is unforgivable and was potentially hazardous to all on board.

Having worked for both Red Funnel and WightLink, it has always puzzled me that one company provides toilets on its high-speed ferries while its competitor deems it unnecessary.

After all, the journey times and needs of the passengers are not really that dissimilar.