MY mother was taken into Southampton General Hospital recently.

Prior to her being admitted she had a slight wound on her ankle which was being attended to by her district nurse. I was asked by the hospital on my next visit could I bring in some dressings as the hospital did not carry the same sort of dressings as the one already on her ankle?

It beggars belief that a great big NHS hospital could not provide dressings of a similar standard. What would have happened if she had needed stitches? I wonder if the hospital would have asked me to bring in her sewing kit?

I fully understand that many patients have experienced a very good standard of care whilst in hospital, but I wonder if when you get to a certain age whether you are assessed on clinical, medical or financial consideration.

More worrying, what about many poor souls who have no one to voice their concerns on their behalf ?

The nursing staff whilst I was there were very caring towards my mother, but I am sure everything boils down to money and NHS funding and budgets.

In addition can anything be done about the temperature within the hospital? A young nurse had to sit down on the bed as she feared she was about to faint. The heat is unbearable and must breed germs.

My mother was in hospital for two and half weeks. On her first day they said she needed a CT scan. She was discharged from hospital on May 23 having had a letter sent from the hospital on May 18 giving her an appoinment on May 29 for her scan. Why on earth couldn’t they have done the scan whilst she was on the ward? She will have to have two ambulance men to come pick her up as she lives four floors up with no lift – and they have to return her home after the scan. It does begger belief that this test could not be be carried out whilst she was in hospital.

PETER FALLON, Address supplied.