I WAS saddened by the recent death of singer and musician Robin Gibb.

I would put the Bee Gees alongside the Beatles especially their song writing ability.

Being a DJ I can say there are very few successful parties where a Bee Gees medley has not galvanised everybody onto the dance floor. It is often referred to in the trade as “cheese” but as soon as Saturday Night Fever sounds all the wannbe John Travoltas are up there strutting their stuff.

After Robin died I played some of their 60s hits and they are exceptionally well crafted, mostly love songs.

Robin was immensely wealthy but never lost his sense that he was just an ordinary guy that made it big, he showed this as a judge on an American X Factor type programme when he never belittled the contestants for cruel, cheap laughs. I believe as long as people want to have good time, a dance and bit of fun the Bee Gees will be played and surely this is the finest epitaph anyone could have.

PADDY MAXWELL, Southampton.