DOES anyone remember the fuss some years ago about flying the Union flag in your garden, or from your window?

It was against the law and would entail a fine? What about the hangar doors of the flying boats on the Itchen. Didn’t they have a legal case to keep them painted like the Union flag? Am I right, or has my memory dimmed in the sands of time?

I was cogitating over this during the Jubilee celebrations, because everywhere and everything was painted with the good old British flag. Even toenails! Cakes, plastic bags, faces, hair, no matter where one looked.

Who lifted the rule on this and who made it in the first place?

It beggars belief what these faceless lawmakers can do – and didn’t these same people think it sacrilege to wipe one’s face with a Union flag tissue?

MRS ALMA DONOVAN, Shirley, Southampton.