IT IS very pleasing to see the pedestrianisation of the lower end of Oxford Street, Southampton, coming to fruition.

However, it is a great shame to see such an ideal opportunity totally missed and wasted.

Now irresponsible drinkers and diners park wherever they like and roar up and down, with pedestrians thinking that it is safe, when it so obviously is not. This is putting them in grave danger of being maimed or worse.

To make matters worse ignorant drivers are using the pedestrian access to the pelican crossing at the closed end to enter and leave the street.

Come on Southampton City Council, either it is pedestrianised or it is not.

Make your minds up soon before someone gets killed.

The signing is ambiguous to say the least. Make your minds up as to what Oxford Street really is and make that apparent to all who use this delightful area. At the moment no one is sure.

ALAN RICHARDS, Southampton.