I HAVE been a regular at the Isle of Wight Festival for a number of years, but after last year I vowed I wouldn't go again until boss John Giddings cut down the number of people he allowed into the site.

It was too crowded and you couldn't move in the arena.

When my friend and I tried to exit it people wouldn’t move out of the way because I think they thought you were going to steal their space! That was freaky. I thought I was going to get crushed.

When I first started going to the festival, the number was about 30,000 and it was much more comfortable.

Last weekend has proved that the Island can’t cope with such a large number that are going now and for the WHOLE place to be at a standstill is just ridiculous.

So Mr Giddings, as much as I love your festival with its warm, friendly atmosphere, be sensible, cut down the numbers and also have a better plan in place for the bad weather.