I’D just like to say how much I enjoyed the Sky Ride last weekend. I completed five laps – nearly 30 miles – of the city centre circuit and it was a pleasure to meet so many other bike riders.

This is just one of several major events in the city this summer, with the Mela Festival due to take place in Hoglands Park tomorrow.

A week after that, Southampton will host the Olympic Torch Relay and we’re expecting big crowds on the evening of Saturday, July 14.

It’s likely to be a memorable occasion as it isn’t every day that the iconic flame comes to our city.

In order to get on top of my new Cabinet duties (having taken office just a few weeks ago) I’m not planning a holiday this summer. However, it looks like there will be no shortage of things to do in Southampton, so that is some consolation!

CLLR WARWICK PAYNE, Cabinet member for housing and leisure, Southampton City Council.