I HAVE held back from having any opinion on whether I am for or against offshore wind farms.

However, I am fed up with those who assume that they have any say in what happens, when I believe it is all Crown land. Therefore their opinions should be sent care of Her Majesty.

It is not for Bournemouth or New Forest councils to get involved, the land is outside of their patch. That may be said also of MPs, as their constituency does not include eight to ten miles offshore. I agree, perhaps, wind farms are unsightly, but do you honestly believe nuclear power is safe?

Nuclear waste will kill us all, as it is massively dangerous and deadly.

Therefore wind powered electricity should be seen as a lot safer. Another observation is this: why are solar panels not strapped to the turbine pillars, making more electricity regardless of any wind?

Why not cut back on our usage? We don’t need 24- hour opening, seven days a week. I would like to see carfree Sundays and a maximum of a four-day working week.

What is the reason for all the rush? We don’t need it!

If we had co-operation instead of competition, we all could then enjoy life.