Jean Kathleen Hutchinson

HUTCHINSON Jean Kathleen 1-17-1928 - 17-2-2017 Where does one start to thank people for their thoughts, sympathy, caring generosity, advice friendship and love. Obviously firstly to my loving partner of 35 years for your tenderness, thoughtfulness, and companionship, you helped me in so many way, God bless you Jeanie, both Spot and myself miss you very much. Thank you God for Jeanlife. Next the generosity of our friends and family who donated well over to the AlzheimerSociety, the many thank youfor the dozens of sympathy cards and letters, she was and is a well loved person. Our friends and neighbours the (Funeral Directors), you did a grand job organising the funeral, no one could have been more gentle and understanding, you as always went the extra mile for us, we must not forget our vicar of St John the Evangelist, the Rev Bruce Deans for the way he conducted the service, his advice and sympathy, and our very own Mr John Christopher Ex RM, I will never forget his farewell to Jean at the end of the service on his bugle, and Vera Lynnsong me luck as you love me goodbyeNo dry eye in the church. Thanks also to the matron, consultant, doctors, and nurses of G2, Queen Alexandra Hospital, especially Dr V J and the two nurses who attended the funeral, you all did a super job looking after my Jeanie. Now last but not least for a good turn out at the church, the crematorium, and the wake at our local, The Heathfield Arms on Blackbook Road, Fareham. They certainly did all 68 of us proud. I am quite sure that Jean approved of all the proceedings and was smiling on us from above. God bless you Jean. someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. Mick Fay & Spot