Thanks to a training course held by MHFA England at Ocean Gate there are now 16 newly-qualified Mental Health First-Aiders at the Port of Southampton.

Sixteen employees from across various areas of the business took part in the two-day training course in a bid to increase knowledge and understanding of mental health issues and illnesses within the company to further increase support for employees.

The course included an in-depth guide to mental health and all the factors that can affect wellbeing as well as teaching practical skills in how to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues.

Through a series of individual and practical group exercises any prior misconceptions and prejudices surrounding mental health issues were explored and challenged. This included the correct language we should be using to talk about mental health. The group also learnt about how to further enhance their listening and interpersonal skills to provide maximum support for colleagues who may be going through a difficult time.

The newly-qualified MHFAs are now armed with the confidence and skillset to help someone who is suffering from mental ill-health through careful listening and by guiding them to seek further appropriate support.