A HAMPSHIRE couple's invention designed to help tall people get a good night's sleep features on national TV on Monday.

Martin and Kris Andrew from Ringwood, will be appearing on the BBC’s new show, ‘The Customer is Always Right’, presented by Lucy Alexander.

Each episode features feature three entrepreneurs and their inventions. The Andrews will be showcasing their invention, the Bedstretch PillowShelf which will be tested by five reviewers.

The PillowShelf is a bed extension which makes a divan bed longer and allows anyone who has a bed that’s too short for them to stretch out in comfort.

Martin and Kris were invited to the studio to watch the ‘no holds barred’ reviews of the five separate groups of reviewers – a sort of Dragon’s Den meets Gogglebox!

PillowShelf cam about because Martin regularly found that beds were too short for him, resulting in many nights of broken sleep caused by his toes overhanging the end.

A superking bed helped but when Kris made a headboard that fixed to the wall and overhung the bed by three inches, the superking bed was reduced to 6’3” long and took Martin back to square one. Rather than take the headboard away, Kris challenged him to find a way to make their existing bed longer and the concept of the PillowShelf was born!

Interest from friends and family made them realise that the PillowShelf had potential and over the past year they have been working on bringing it to market.

“We never thought that other people would be interested until friends started to ask us if they could have one too,” says Martin. “Being able to keep your own bed and bedding is key and makes it the sustainable option to having a longer bed – no need to buy an expensive new bed, it’s your bed and bedding but six inches longer!

Originally a piece of foam-covered wood, the PillowShelf has developed into a free-standing item of furniture that stands at the head end of a divan bed, that can be used with or without a headboard

It works by supporting the top half of your pillows, at the same height as the mattress, enabling the sleeper to stretch out. Making it adjustable and transportable means it can be taken on holiday to hotels.

The Customer is Always Right is on BBC1 at 10.45am.