WORKERS in Southampton will soon be able to wobble away the flab with the country’s first walk-in mobile express fitness centre.

The new business venture, being piloted in Southampton, is offering time-pressed staff a high-speed, sweat-free workout.

Fitsuite is the brainwave of Southampton-based businessman Barny Hobbs who believes there will be plenty up demand among Southampton’s 7,000 firms and 120,000 staff.

His mobile fitness trailer, featuring power plate vibration platforms in private booths, has already been tested by TV fitness presenter Danni Levy.

A ten minutes wobble, costing £5, reputedly offers the equivalent of an hour-long gym session.

Barny said: “Fitsuite is set to become as common a sight as the sandwich van tooting its arrival, although we’ll be letting users know we’re on our way in true 21st century style – by text or email.

“This is a significant investment by us, running into six figures, and there are plans for a franchise once the business takes off.

“We have the one showcase unit at the moment but there is no reason why we won’t be expanding that to up to 20 units within 12 months to meet anticipated demand, creating new jobs for manufacturers and personal trainers.”

He said opportunities to grow the brand were “immense” and he said he had already had a number of companies interested in corporate bookings. He added: “There is also scope to take the service to GP surgeries, healthcare centres, schools, colleges and residential and sheltered homes.”

Fitsuite is being funded by David Price, the owner of David Price Homes in Southampton.

The firm’s whole-body vibration technology was developed for Olympic athletes and cosmonauts, with gentle stretching and squats.

It activates reflective muscle contractions, stimulating the body’s muscles, helping them to stretch, tone and strengthen for all-over toning and slimming results.

Barny said: “Just ten minutes in one of our luxury air-conditioned personal vibro-suites shapes you up like an hour in the gym but without the sweat, so you'll go back into work toned, tingling and totally refreshed - and just as fragrant as when you stepped out.

“It’s the ultimate workday work-out computer screen break, but should also be used as part of a sensible fitness programme which includes cardiovascular activities such as walking, swimming and running.”

Fitsuite users can spend between ten and 25 minutes in the vibro-suite, with a recommended two sessions a week.

Once inside a vibro-suite, users insert coins, tokens or multi-session cards into the coin box. The price is 50p a minute.

Visit or call 08000 776022 to find out more.