Meachers Global Logistics Export Award

Winner: Talley Group

HOSPITAL patients all over the globe enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep thanks to the winners of the Meachers Global Logistics Export Award.

The Romsey-based Talley Group are specialists in the design and manufacture of Medical Devices including pressure relieving mattresses, negative pressure wound therapy (NWPT) systems and intermittent pneumatic compression therapy systems for DVT prevention.

Export manager Paul Hoff said the company’s success was down to creating a quality product at mid-level price.

Their products are designed and made in their factory at Premier Way where they employ 210 people. All he tooling is also made on site. This kind of “vertically integrated” process is unusual in this or any other sector.

Talley sell to almost 50 countries with their biggest markets being Australia, Saudi Arabia and Finland, they have 80 per cent of their market.

Overall exports represent a third of Talley’s sales.

“We offer quality UK manufacturing – our mattresses are offer good value and are long lasting,” said.,” said Paul.

Hannah Powell of categor sponsors Meachers said that entrants in this category had built strong strategic alliances with overseas agents and gone for foreign markets that their competitors would not have pursued.

The judges said: “The Talley Group showed a cohesive sales and marketing strategy which has helped them to have steady growth and good financial results over the last five years.

They demonstrated significant investment into the export market and expanding their capabilities across many areas which has added to this growth and helped expansion.”

Runner up


As the industry’s market leader in customising collating machines, Col-Tec has reached all four corners of the world with some more unusual destinations including New Caledonia, La Reunion, Iran and Sudan.

Presently machines are en route or in build for Germany, Uruguay, U.S.A. India, Egypt, The Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

Build process for new collators typically takes eight to 12 weeks from cutting metal to having the machine ready to ship. Col-Tec is proud to cover all the engineering disciplines in-house including framework fabrication, component manufacture, mechanical and electrical fitting.

This complete product, not a widget or a gadget part of something else, sees 80 per cent of its output exported thereby adding to the Great British Brand.