A FUNDRAISING campaign for a Southampton rockstar with cancer has smashed its £100,000 campaign in just days.

Since going live earlier this week, Delays frontman Greg Gilbert's Go Fund Me page has seen donations pour in from more than 2,500 fans and friends across the globe, including from stars such as Ellie Goulding who contributed £2,000 to the cause.

Greg's partner said she could not face the "heartbreak" of having her daughters grow up without a father, so she took action.

The father-of-two, who began chemotherapy for stage four bowel cancer and secondary lung cancer last week, has been told by surgeons there is nothing they can do which means a new drug called Avastin, not available on the NHS, maybe one of his only chances to see his two baby daughters grow up.

Avastin is a new type of immunotherapy which boosts the immune system and helps target cancerous cells helping the body to fight, kill and become immune to cancer in future.

The treatment could help improve the 40-year-old Bitterne Park resident’s chances of survival by up to 30 to 40 per cent.

Surgeons have said they cannot do anything for the main tumour in Greg’s bowels because it was so large.

But they were hoping the chemotherapy would shrink it enough to be operated on while the Avastin helped target the cancer which has spread to and dotted around his lungs.

For the past two years, the former Bitterne Park School pupil believed he had been suffering with IBS but in October he began to experience severe abdomen pains and vomiting.

After being admitted to A&E he underwent a number of tests which revealed he had something much more sinister.

Craig David, who donated £1,000, was one of many who tweeted a link to Greg's page with a message saying: "Let's get you better Greg and back to making music that you love, sending you my love and positive energy."

Singer Ellie Goulding also helped the cause by donating £2,000.

Greg’s partner Stacey Heale, 36, said: “We were told this heart breaking news on our daughter Bay’s first birthday.

“We should have been at her birthday party. We were instead at the hospital and I had to hear Greg ask how long he had to live.

"It was a nightmare I could not wake up from.

“I cannot put into words the terror and shock of that moment.”

She added they were not prepared to accept the bad news lying down.

Stacey said she had done extensive research and had corresponded with specialist clinics in the UK and abroad, discovering new and groundbreaking targeted treatments such as stereotactic radiotherapy, microwave ablation and personalised immunotherapy.

“These have had astounding results on others that share the same prognosis as Greg,” she added.

“The treatments are currently not offered on the NHS due to not meeting their cost efficiency criteria.

“We have always been huge advocates for the NHS but this is just heartbreaking - I just cannot let Greg die and our daughters grow up without their daddy because of money.”

Stacey said if they can raise the money it would give them hope.

“For us this support is everything, we have just started a family, our daughters are one and three,” she added.

“I am overwhelmed by the response we have had so far. It is a testament to him as a person and the music he has produced.”

Greg’s mum, Hazel Gilbert said she was amazed at how quickly the total on her son’s Go Fund Me page had gone up and thanked everybody who had donated very much.

“It is amazing, he is a very special man, he is such a caring man,” she added.

“He has made such a lot people happy over the years.”

Greg is currently undergoing 12 weeks of chemotherapy he will then have a scan at the end of March to assess the situation before deciding when to start the Avastin treatment.

Among the scores of fans touched by the father-of-two's plea was Tim Smith who left a £1,000 donation. Two other large sums, one for £2,000 and another for £500, were also left by anonymous donors.

Among the kind messages left on his Go Fund Me page was one from Alex Denham, who donated £50, with a message saying: "We've never met but I can't express how much your story moved me. Wishing the best for you and your family, good luck."

Gary Sinclair also left a donation of £20 and said: "Delay's debut album came out when I was in first year of uni, it soundtracked some of the best nights of my life and helped me through darker days as I found my way in the world.

"Thanks for music. Good luck with your fight."

While Debra Flynn left £20 and told Greg to: "Have courage, stay strong, fight hard."

And, Charlotte Butcher, who gave £10, added: "You are such a talented person and your music has been the soundtrack of many happy times. Fight for all you are worth and never give up, you have millions of hearts with you all the way. Best wishes to you and your beautiful family."

Greg’s band Delays is perhaps one of the most successful bands to come out of Southampton enjoying top 30 hits such as Long Time Coming and Nearer Than Heaven.

The group has also had their music featured in films and on adverts, toured globally and played to huge crowds at festivals like the Isle of Wight.

Earlier this week the Echo backed an appeal to fund teacher David Watt’s cancer fight - he had raised the total by the next day.

Click here to donate to Greg's cause.