OFTEN when looking at old photographs of places, the immediate reaction is how places have changed.

But this selection of black and white photos from Winchester in the early 20th century shows just how little the county town has altered in the hundred or so years since they were taken.

Only the area around the Westgate has changed with the demolition of the building to the northern side to build a road in the 1930s that negated the need to go through the medieval arch, a bottleneck to traffic in the early 20th century.

Although Weeke has mushroomed from a hamlet to a suburb the view of Weeke Pond remain similar today, with the medieval St Matthew’s church in the background.

The photos are mainly taken from the Warren’s Guide that was published by the business that is still going today.

They were put on display by Robert Brown at The Winchester Bookshop, off St George’s Street, as part of the Heritage Open Days at the weekend.

The pictures of Jewry Street show just how prevalent were commercial signs in the townscape, jostling for the attention of passer-bys and potential customers.