THE Duke of Edinburgh left a mark on the people at the New Forest Museum and Visitor Centre, Lyndhurst – as well as on the door.

He used a branding iron to burn the New Forest Verderers’ symbol on the door, and officially opened it by unveiling a wooden plaque commemorating his visit on June 24, 1988.

Prince Phillip told Maldwin Drummond, chairman of the New Forest Ninth Centenary Trust, he was impressed the venture was a new-style museum funded jointly by public and private means.

Grants and a massive appeal raised £300,000 for the £850,000 centre, the rest came from private sponsors.

The Duke, who had flown in by helicopter, told Mr Drummond: “Congratulations on the museum – I wish you every success.”


A pint of milk cost 25p.

Compilation album Nite Flite was the best seller.

Bros were at number one with I owe You Nothing.

Alaska by James Michener was the New York Times best selling book.

People may have been watching London’s Burning on TV.

Gamers may have been playing Pac-Mania.

Top of the box office was Red Heat.