FROM Calshot Velodrome to Southampton Speedway – cycling has played a big part in Hampshire’ sporting history. lives.

The Echo archives are home to pictures of cyclists through the years, some of which are displayed on these pages.

From training to competitions this cross-section delivers a slice of the high-speed action through the years.

Included are Velo Club Venta, a Winchester based cycling club formed in 1970. The club took their name from Venta Balgarum, theRoman name for Winchester

The team has seen success at a national level with member Danny Axford winning the Peter Buckley National Junior Road Race Series in 1993 – an event won by Bradley Wiggins four years later.

But it’s not just cycling club members who have made these pages ,a group of Glen Eyre School students who posed for a picture on their bikes was taken in 1975.

The collection wouldn’t be complete without the Southampton Cycle Speedway Team so we have included one from heat 18 of the Southampton Grand Prix of 1964.